Carrer Counselling

Course Info

It's easy to feel confused when it comes to what type of career path to choose. With so many choices in jobs today, career counseling can be a step in the right direction as far as pinpointing what career to focus on. Our leaders will help and guide you through the process of goal setting in your career endeavors.
We can help you identify the steps needed to reach important goals along the way as you explore new career options or make changes in the career you already have. This can be a major benefit for you if you struggle with reaching goals or making changes, as you will be accountable not only to yourself, but to another person. We can provide you with the tools, feedback and resources you need to be successful in your job search.

Course Objectives
  • Figure out and acknowledge the skill areas
  • Mindset Analysis
  • Capability Mapping
Course Outcome
  • Performance Areas to focus
  • Alignment with Career Roadmap
  • Ice-breaking with the Career Planning
  • Confidence in picking the rightly chosen Career Path
Course Coverage
Process based assessment and analysis of the skills
Mirroring of capabilities and value system
Clarity around the grey areas of career and industry expectations
Accepting the facts and interest areas
Career possibilities around chosen career path
Ice breaking with the process to start the chase towards career