Course Info

All along your career, whether self-employed or working for someone else, always and always document your work/ achievements/client requirements. Keeping up to date on this process makes evaluation and the solution process simpler and effective. It's important to stay professional and avoid getting emotional, but it's equally important to show your human side and demonstrate that the client is not just another number for you.

Join us and know the ways tgo avoid losing clients and save your brand's repution.

Course Objectives
  • Communicate effectively and genuinely with clients
  • Apply strategies to better deal with challenging clients
  • Determining Client Expectations
Course Outcome
  • Understand the types and the psychology of difficult customers
  • Acquire the skills, techniques and methods of handling difficult customers with confidence
  • Reduce stress when encountering difficult customers
  • Managers with responsibility in providing service
Course Coverage
Establishing a Client Focus
Communicating with Clients
Gauging Expectations
CExpectations Management
Establishing Communication Models and their Usage
Diagnose and Problem Solve
Use Careful Language When Communicating with Clients
Responding to Difficult Clients
Gathering Client Feedback