E2E Profile Building

Course Info

Our E2E profile building is one platform that is ideal for candidates and professionals who wish to experience a complete span of IT – be it delivery, processes, technology platforms, soft-skills, management, or leadership. You would always want to get exposed to such great technical work and professional world.

It’s beyond the basics, but not without the basics; it’s beyond Java but not without Java; you would surely understand it from our program coverage. And that’s why we have specific pre-requisite requirements that we look for in you to ensure that you are the right candidate, to ensure that you can build further onto your existing technical capabilities. It also ensures you of high calibre and capable peers sitting next to you and sharing experiences from their technical and professional life. Not just that, you would also experience real time application development while working closely with industry veterans.

If you are a student and tired of grabbing the basics again and again, tired of running the sample dummy programs again and again; OR if you are a professional bored of repetitive project work, lacking technology and professional exposure; trust us – this program is going to change everything around you.

Course Objectives
  • Get familiar with IT Industry & Corporate Culture
  • Understand IT Projects from Delivery Perspective
  • Real-time project development
Course Outcome
  • Ability to participate and work in Project Development
  • Align with the team from project delivery perspective
  • Work in an integerated environment
  • Real time role play and expectation management
  • Reality of a Software Development Life Cycle
Course Coverage
End-to-End IT Delivery Life Cycle
Corporate Sensitization
Technology Overview
Environment SetUp and Development
MVC Architecture + HTML 5 + Upcasting/Downcasting
MVC (Struts)
Communication Skills - General
IT Communication Expectation & Needs
Database / Hibernate
Class Designing - Basic & Advanced
Data Structure
Personality Development - General
Career Planning & Management
CM Preparation
Mock Interviews
Gap Filling
Openhouse Discussions