Presentation Skills

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In these recessionary times, you might well need to be a highly effective presenter just to remain in your current job – or find new employment. To achieve this, it’s first necessary to identify what creates an effective presentation and what skills are needed. Knowing how to deliver an idea is beneficial, no matter what line of business you're in. Remember, speaking in front of people is a skill, not an innate ability.

You may feel that you have to go into a lot of detail to get your message across but more often than not – “less is more”. Your audience are only able to take in so much during a presentation, so the clearer the message the more powerful it will be. In this course we'll be guiding you in looking at some techniques to help you achieve more from your presentations.

Course Objectives
  • Plan, Organize and Prepare an Effective Presentation
  • Handle Objections
  • Deal with Presentation Fears
  • Deliver a Successful Presentation
Course Outcome
  • Determine and develop personal presentation style
  • Find ways to overcome nervousness for presentation
  • Recognize presentation weak spots and areas for improvement
  • Use your voice to greater effect.
  • Handle your audience with confidence.
  • Build presentations that create maximum impact
Course Coverage
Defining Presentation
Use of Words, Pitch, Voice and Tone
Setting the Mood and Gearing Up Psychologically
Right Ways and Wrong Ways to Use Notes
Observe and Read Your Audience While Presenting
Handling Questions – Thinking Under Pressure
Handling Difficult Situations and Issues
Presentation Planning and Preparation
Rehearsing Presentation Styles – Practice Makes Perfect
Determine Objectives, Creating a Theme
Presentation Evaluation and Feedback