Automation Testing

Course Info

Test Automation has always been in demand in the market. Many a times, it’s the most cost effective method for executing regression test suite with progressive changes.

Course Objectives
  • Understand QA Automation Concepts
  • Learn open source QA automation tool - Selenium
  • Gain hands on experience using selenium
  • Learn about merits and demerits on using QA automation
Course Outcome
  • Plan, design and enable QA automation
  • Setup of environment for QA automation
  • Code and run QA automation using scripts
  • Hands on learning via project simulator
  • Hold on Selenium as open source QA automation tool
  • When to use QA automation
Course Coverage
End-to-End QA Life Cycle
Analyzing Business/System Requirements
What is QA Automation
Automation Methodology
Tools Available
How to Automate
Test Tool Environment Setup
Eclipse Overview, Integration
Test Automation Scripting
Test Frameworks
Data driven test case setup
Test Execution
Defect - Logging & Life Cycle
Test Status Reporting (Info + Elements + Graphs)
Maintaning the Test Suite
Challenges in Automation Testing