Career Planning & Management

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Your career and your job is essential to your living, and thus to your happiness and satisfaction in life. Therefore, giving your due focus and attention will always be worth-while.

Every single move you make in your career will make a difference in the span of your career life. Like, the course of subjects you choose, the first job you get aligned to, the company you get associated with, the work that you do, the skills you focus and groom on, the social and the professional network you build around, and much more.

We help you realize all that and enable you to deal with it by making conscious decisions. We help you come up with your own career plan and enable you to execute it.

Course Objectives
  • Alignment with the present Career Stage
  • Knowledge, Skills & Capability Assessment
  • Career Choices and Inclination - Aspirations
  • Career Goals, Objectives & Gap Analysis
  • Career Planning
  • Means and Methodologies - Roadmap
  • Career Progressions, Evaluations and Re-alignment
  • Recursive Career Planning & Management
Course Outcome
  • Career Roadmap
  • Short Term Goals, Intermediate Goals & Long Term Goals
  • Needs & Requirements
  • Implementation Plan
  • Progression Pace
  • Tools & Methodologies
  • Personal Development
  • Learning, Grooming & Performing Avanues
Course Coverage
Self Awareness
Career Opportunities & Awareness
Decision Making & Planning
Career Planning & Analysis
Implementation & Development
Self Development
Tools & Techniques
Continuous Self-Assessment
Career Plan Refinement & Statistics

We help you carve a SUCCESSFUL CAREER