Course Info

IT Industry core is around software products and software applications. And then, it is not just this Industry, but all other industries where every company works as IT enabled software and services.

With so many software products and applications releases every day, and knowing SDLC where Testing participates as a key phase, the career future in Software Testing is un-doubtable.

Quality is one factor that differentiates and helps the business build a strong customer base. Quality is what gets reflected in most of the company’s vision and mission. With such great importance, every company wants to build products that are defect free, because that is what helps them prosper customer satisfaction. With such a due focus, companies are eager to invest more and more in building and enhancing their Testing capabilities.

If you are already mesmerized by the prospects in the field of Software Testing and have made up your mind to start career in this field, then why not prepare yourself better to get a start with great company. Our IT Profile Building - Testing/QA focused program grooms you on the following areas/concepts along with practical hands-on exposure.

Course Objectives
  • Testing Awareness
  • Testng Relevance & Importance
  • Ability to independently participate in the Test Cycle.
  • Hands on exposure to Test Planning, Test Preparation, Test Execution and Defect Management.
Course Outcome
  • Role and criticality of Testing
  • Testers by psychology
  • Testing within E2E IT Cycle
  • E2E Test Cycle Exposure
  • Test Planning, Preparation & Execution ability
  • Hands-on Project Exposure
Course Coverage
End-to-End IT Devliery Cycle
End-to-End QA Cycle
Analyzing Business/System Requirements
Test Artifacts
Communication Skills - General
Devicing Test Scenarios & Types
Building Test Cases & Types
Practical Sessions around Test Preparation
Execution Strategy + Cycle
Test Execution
Defect Logging & Key Elements with Practical
Defect Life Cycle
Types & Levels of Testing & Classifications
Software Test Engineer Role & Personality Requirements
End-t0-End Test Participation in Real Project
Mock Interview Sessions