Web Design & Development

Course Info

Web Development course has been specifically designed for java developers & IT Professionals to become expert in the field of developing web applications.

Course Objectives
  • Introduction to Web Development and Techniques
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL
  • Web Development using Java
Course Outcome
  • Understand / Introduce HTML, CSS,JavaScript & MySQL
  • Create a basic web page/s.
  • Insert content into the page and structuring
  • Apply styles to the page elements
  • Create, modify, and format content with CSS
  • Link web pages
  • Apply basic control of elements with JavaScript
  • Deeper understanding of HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript
Course Coverage
Web designing using HTML
CSS & Styling
JavaScript - Benefits & Usage
MySQL, Client and Server Concepts
MySQL Clients & Connectors & API
Exception Handling
Environment SetUp
Application Development
Packaging & Deployment on App. Sever